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In terms of system certification for aeronautics, we have, or will find, the answers to your questions

Designing a new system for civil aviation? As part of an initial certification or an aircraft modification? Need advice on optimizing the tasks to be carried out and the documents to be produced? Need training? Need reinforcement?

Let's talk about it.

Avion au-dessus des nuages

About Us

We are a network of specialists in the design and certification of systems on board aircraft. We all have a global vision of the various aspects related to certification but also to the needs of aircraft manufacturers and end users, from the white sheet to safety analyzes and the application of standards such as ARP4754, DO178 /DO254, up to installation (Part 21J) on aircraft, production (Part 21G), maintenance (Part 145) and product support.

Each of us brings specific expertise on specific points.

For example, to carry out a safety analysis acceptable to the EASA or the FAA (FHA, PSSA...), what to do under FDAL or IDAL (vs ARP-4754A), is it necessary to qualify a tool (vs DO-178C or DO-254)? how to integrate maintenance costs in the development phase (DMC, BITE) and check that the project is viable? ...

Panel d'experts

You are an industrial, we know your cost, time and success constraints.

We integrate your problems by trying to optimize the solutions as much as possible without compromising on the necessary and sufficient safety objectives

Train, provide examples and models

Optimizing costs and deadlines, aiming for efficiency

Provide the necessary information in real time


Our trainings
ARP4754A Training
Training DO178C
Training DO254
Our services
Advice, support, help ARP4754A, DO178C, DO254 and more

Our products
ARP4754A templates and examples
templates and examples DO178C
DO254 templates and examples

Présentation de travail
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